Carrie remake fails to convey plot, mood of original

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Movie Title: Carrie

Plot Summary: An outcast  teenage girl, Carrie White, discovers she has telepathic powers and unleashes them on her classmates after a prank gone wrong at prom.

Comparison: Both movies are based off of the novel of the critically acclaimed horror novelist, Stephen King, that was published in the mid 70’s. The first film rendition was done in 1976 and directed by Brian De Palma, while the latest version, directed by Kimberly Peirce, was released just last year.

Though both films still followed the same general story line, there were a few distinctions between the two. As the 2013 remake is set in the modern times there are modern technologies such as cell phones that play a roll is how the story plays out. As in the book the 1970’s version is set in the past and lacks such modern ideas. The difference in time setting of the two films affect how the story is portrayed. It may give younger audiences more appeal to the remake, as they can relate to Carrie White’s character and her high school experiences more so than the film being set in the past.

As far as the cast goes, I personally found favor in De Palma’s original film depiction of King’s novel. The lead role of Carrie White was played by Sissy Spacek. I felt that Spacek was able to bring more life to the role of Carrie than Chloe Grace Mortez was able to in the remake. In some of the scenes Mortez gave bizarre facial expressions and was awkward at times with the dialogue. These flaws could also possibly  be do to the screen writing and direction.

One things I did enjoy about the remake was Carrie’s mother was more prominent in the building of the plot. She was included in many more scenes and helped to give us a better understanding of what lead Carrie to her breaking point. She also amplified the eerie and disturbing tone of the entire film, as I thought she was by far the creepiest character.

Winner: Overall I think the original film adaptation prevails. Coming from the perspective of someone who has read King’s novel, the 1970’s Carrie followed Kings story more closely. I also had an appreciation for the amount of gore included in the original movie. The 2013 remake was almost too morbid and gory in the final climactic scenes, I would almost go as far as to say it was borderline disturbing. Peirce in my opinion went a little too overboard in portraying the deaths of Carrie’s classmates on screen.


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