The Maze Runner nails action scenes, falls short on emotion

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Title: The Maze Runner

Starring: Dylan O’Brien, Kaya Scodelario and Will Poulter

Plot: After Thomas (O’Brien) and Teresa (Scodelario) wake up in a stone maze with no idea how they got there, they are forced to work together with other teenagers trapped in the maze to survive and ultimately escape the walls that confine them.

Why see it: The Maze Runner fails to disprove the old adage about movies made from books, but shines in its own right nonetheless. Though the acting is spotty and the scriptwriting is sometimes cheesy, the movie retains all the edge-of-your-seat action of the novel and really brings its setting to life. The Maze Runner does suffer from choppy pacing and shallow characterization, however, due to the novel’s adaptation to the shorter movie format. This makes emotional attachment to the characters difficult, but the film still manages to be an engaging experience nonetheless due to its excellent set and sound design. Although the book is once again better than the movie, The Maze Runner is still worth a look.

Rating: ★★★★☆


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