Needed Changes in the High School

Things are constantly changing; technology, fashion, food, and places. Something that isn’t changing as much as it could in Findlay High School. Things that should be changed at the school range from bathroom issues to problems with sports and the time school starts. Students at the High School spoke up about what they would change.

Most students would agree that school starts too early. Sleep is not only a luxury, but a necessity and with after-school activities and homework, getting to bed early can be difficult.

“I would change what time school starts-it’s too early. There are studies showing that teenagers perform better in school when they get more sleep,” Senior Danielle Snyman said.

Public bathrooms aren’t usually the most pleasant places. School bathrooms might be worse. Sophomore Jon Deckard agrees that the bathrooms in the high school needs major improvements.

“Oh gosh, I would want better bathrooms. That’s really it,” Deckard said.

The staff and students at Findlay High School are big on sports. Whether they are being played or watched, high school sports are a big deal. While there is football, swimming, wrestling, and many other sports, there could still be others added.

“If I could change something, I would definitely want to have a lacrosse team,” Sophomore Owen Morse said.

These are just a few things that are, for the most part, fairly simple to change. If the school were to add a new sports team, adjust the bathrooms or start school at a reasonable time, students might have a few less things they would want to change about Findlay High School.

A Saint in the Making

Blessed Mother Teresa, How About Saint Mother Teresa?

On December 17, 2015, Pope Francis approved the second miracle through the intercession of Blessed Mother Teresa allowing her canonization and sainthood. Mother Teresa was declared “Blessed” by Pope John Paul II in 2003 after recognizing her first miracle. To be recognized a saint in the Catholic Church is a great honor and means that the person lived an honorable life devoted to the service.

It is a long and hard process to be declared as canonized saint with particular requirements. Fr. Scott Woods of St. Michael the Archangel Parish here in Findlay describes the lengthy process of which an individual goes through to become a canonized Saint.

“There is typically a five-year waiting period after someone dies before a “cause” for sainthood can be opened.  It begins with the local bishop, who investigates and decides whether or not there is a case for pursuing a declaration of sainthood. This is based on the holiness of the deceased person, and testimony from many people is gathered. The bishop may then forward the cause to the Congregation for Causes of Saints at the Vatican,” Fr. Woods said.

If the person passes all of those obstacles, the case passes on to the Vatican.

“The body further investigates the life and holiness of the person in question, and if there is evidence of the person having been a true martyr and/or having lived a life of heroic virtue, the cause is referred to the Pope, who bestows the title “Venerable” on the possible saint. If the person died for the faith, they are beatified and are then referred to as “Blessed.”  If not a martyr, a miracle has to be verified, having been bestowed by God through the intercession of the venerable person. Once that is verified, beatification occurs.  Finally, a second miracle bestowed by God through the intercession of the martyr or confessor (one who lived a life of heroic virtue) must be verified.”

A person who went through this tedious process is Mother Teresa.

She was born in Skopje, Macedonia as Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu to a very devout Catholic family.  Her mother taught her to be a very compassionate and charitable individual and by age eighteen, she found out her true calling and devoted her life to God by becoming a nun. She left Macedonia and joined the Sisters of Loreto Order in Ireland where she chose the name Teresa. In 1929, she left for Calcutta, India to teach. While in India, after completing her Final Profession of Vows, she became known as Mother Teresa. While on a retreat to Darjeeling she had a “call within a call” to leave teaching and help the poorest and sickest of Calcutta. For the forty-seven years, Mother Teresa cared for and helped the unloved and unwanted people of Calcutta. In 1997, after years of declining health, Mother Teresa died at the age of 87. She was given a State funeral for her exemplary work toward the people of India, an honor few in India receive outside dignitaries.

During her life, Mother Teresa became close with many world leaders including several Popes most notably Pope John Paul II, and United States President, Ronald Reagan. Mother Teresa also received many awards and achievements including the Jewel of India, and the Nobel Peace Prize. Mother Teresa was one of two people to ever be honored as an honorary citizen of the United States while still alive; the other being Winston Churchill.

Many people are elated at the fact Mother Teresa will be canonized as a Saint. They feel that the life she lived in service to God and others is exactly what a Saint should be. One person who feels strongly for her Sainthood is Geri Leibfarth the Religious Education Director at St. Michael’s.

“I fully support her canonization. She is one who lived her life in pure charity, giving totally to the least of God’s Kingdom. I feel blessed to have lived in her lifetime and been witness to how she brought Christ to others,” Leibfarth said.

Father Scott Woods shares a similar opinion.

“Blessed – soon to be Saint – Teresa of Calcutta clearly lived a life of holiness. She was known the world over thanks to television and print media, and her life of virtue was most certainly evident.  She is a model of love and respect for all of us – regardless of our religious beliefs – because she cared for each and every person she encountered with tenderness and compassion,” Fr. Woods said.

Mother Teresa’s life is summed up well in one of her most famous quotes when she says, “By blood, I am Albanian. By citizenship, an Indian. By faith, I am a Catholic nun. As to my calling, I belong to the world. As to my heart, I belong entirely to the Heart of Jesus.”

Preservation, Archaeology, and Serving Together

There is a club at Findlay High School that many people do not know about at all, even though it is a very fundamental club that many people would benefit from. This club is called PAST.

“It stands for preservation, archaeology, and serving together,” advisor Eugene Damon said.

The club is all about learning how to preserve and work together to conserve important land and artifacts. If you are interested in history, science, and archaeology this club is perfect for you. Damon started the club ten years ago with the help of Mrs. Schweinfurth and has been the advisor since it started. He wanted to form a club that truly embodied his passion for archaeology and to be able to share it with students.

“We started out working on Johnson’s Island. It housed a civil war prison, and the land began falling apart. The whole club worked diligently to preserve the land, and we did,” Damon said.

PAST still currently goes to Johnson’s Island for a yearly dig. They also work in the lab at Heidelberg University to work on preserving and discovering facts. The club also goes on an annual spring trip to a different museums in big cities. In the past they have gone to places such as Chicago, Nashville, and Cleveland.

This club would be so beneficial to many students who enjoy preservation, archaeology, and serving communities. If you have enjoyed this story, you should definitely check this club out.

Hungry in Syria

Syrian refugees became a huge topic of discussion last year, especially after the terrorist attacks in Paris. Syrians desperately continued to look for homes outside of Syria where they would be safe. Now, in Syrian cities, hunger is becoming a major problem. 400,000 people are suffering in fifteen besieged cities.

The people of Madaya, Syria have been without much needed aid for almost three months. They are slowly dying of starvation, getting more and more weak by the day. When they try to leave the area, they are injured in some way, or even killed. The residents have already slaughtered the city’s stray cats and dogs.

On January 11, the city of Madaya received their first visit from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), or UN Refugee Agency. They received the help they terribly needed. The visit was covered on Twitter where pictures and quotes were posted. Some pictures showed small children who were very fragile and tired looking. The children, along with the adults, made leaves as a meal to fill them up or hunted for grass. If they wanted a kilo of rice, they would have to pay at least 300 USD. To put this in perspective, one kilogram is about 2.2 pounds. 20 pounds of rice is available from Wal-Mart fro $8.98.

“They were desperately looking for something while we were offloading cars… kids and everybody around the cars were asking for anything (to eat),” Sajjad Malik, representative of UNHCR, said about the UN’s arrival to Madaya.

It was reported that 300-400 residents were suffering from malnutrition. The people of Madaya lack electricity, blankets, heat of any kind, and most importantly medicine. The UN Refugee Agency delivered blankets to shield the citizens from the harsh weather, more medicine, and food from the 40 vehicles that were miraculously let into Madaya. In the past year, 90% of the requests to deliver aid the area were denied.

Two other cities, Foa’a and Kefraya, were also aided by the UN on January 11. They have been lacking food and basic materials for life since October of 2015.

Madaya was visited again on January 14, along with the cities of al-Fouaa and Kafraya, which have been under a rebel blockade. 44 trucks arrived in Madaya and 20 trucks reached al-Fouaa and Kefraya. Doctors and nurses that came with the UN treated citizens from Madaya that needed urgent treatment.

There is no plan to evacuate starving citizens from Syrian cities, so the people of Syria must rely on aid from the UN for as long as this war is ongoing.

Seniors Look Beyond Findlay High School

Jenna Marie Hohman

College attending: The Ohio State University

Favorite part of the school: The campus, atmosphere, tradition and football

Favorite part of campus: The Oval

What are you studying? Major? Minor?: Sports Medicine or Physical Therapy

Has senioritis set in? Of course

What activities do you plan on doing: OSU’s women’s club soccer team

What made you pick this school over others: it feels like home

What were the other schools under consideration: none

Has a family member attended? Nine OSU alumni in my family.

Isaiah Gaines

College attending: University of Pennsylvania

Favorite part of the school: the atmosphere

Favorite part of campus: College Hall

What are you studying? Major? Minor?: Computer Science

Has senioritis set in? Undoubtedly

What other schools were under consideration: Cornell and Dartmouth

What activities do you plan on doing: studying, running, struggling to survive

What made you pick this school over others: great team and my favorite campus

What schools did you pass over: Cornell and Dartmouth

Has a family member attended? No.

Carley Montooth

College attending: University of Toledo

Favorite part of the school: The social aspect

Favorite part of campus: How pretty it is when walking around

What are you studying? Major? Minor?: undecided

Has senioritis set in? Yes

What other schools were you thinking of: Bowling Green and Ohio University

What activities do you plan on doing: intramural sports

What made you pick this school over others: Close to home

What schools did you pass over: Cincinnati and Kent State

Has a family member attended? Yes, my sister.

Jordan Coppus

College attending: Ohio University

Favorite part of the school: The multitude of opportunities to become involved with the school.

Favorite part of campus: The gorgeous green campus.

What are you studying? Major? Minor?: Majoring in Physical Therapy

Has senioritis set in? Senior year is quite tough but I’m not ready to let go just yet.

What other schools were under consideration: The University of Toledo and The University of Cincinnati

What activities do you plan on doing: I plan on being involved in cheerleading and Greek life.

What made you pick this school over others: As soon as I stepped onto campus, I felt like I was home.

What schools did you pass over: Toledo and Cincinnati

Has a family member attended? No.

Expect More from the Library

Mrs. Brasfield has made many drastic changes in the Findlay High School library since she started here last year. Some changes to the library include the creation of the reading room which she says is very popular with the students, and the recent addition of the library pet, Helen, the snake.

Besides recent renovations and add ins, Brasfield has taken out the old rules of the previous librarian. The library no longer has to be completely silent during study halls. The students can have cell phones, can seat more than two students to a table, and there is no longer a two book checkout limit.

Changes are still coming to the library; big and small.

“The remainder of the year we will be working cleaning out old books to make room for new collection. Our long term goal is to get a Maker’s Space for the library. A Maker’s Space is a creative space where people go for the intent to learn and create. The best way I can describe it is like the Room of Requirement from Harry Potter. It’s just a bunch of supplies in a room for whatever the students need,” Brasfield said.

However, the space will take a lot of money and planning.

“We are trying to get a grant to fund for the space and supplies. We would like to get a 3D printer, craft supplies, hardware and a variety of utensils. This year we are mostly prepping for the space and finding and writing grants for the space. I really hope to take it into action next school year,” Brasfield said.

The library will continue to be progressing this school year, even without a Maker’s Space. Mrs. Brasfield intends on continuing library programs that encourage students to come into the library. These programs include Snow Flakes, snacks, and Cakes and Cram.

“Cakes and Cram was very successful, with over a hundred students and I got many positive feedbacks from both students and teachers,” Brasfield said.

The library plans on hosting many more activities and groups monthly. Stop by to get involved and see all the new and changing things the library has to offer.

We the People

We The People, a student government group that competes with other schools to analyze different aspects of history. Senior Bella Spearman shared why Government is her favorite class this year.

“I think it’s partially because Mr. Dickman loves the AP Gov. class since Findlay is the resigning state We The People champions,” Spearman said.

She enjoys that it isn’t a typical class. WTP is split up into six units that each specialize in a different part of the government.

“I am in unit six, which examines modern day democracy.”

Other units focus on specialties such as war powers, the constitutional convention, and early ideas of the government. The class also includes chapter/vocab tests, and all but those are to supplement their studies for WTP.

“I wouldn’t say the workload for the class is bad,” Spearman said. “But the commitment is definitely large.”

Every unit is responsible for answering three questions at state, and hopefully three more at nationals.

“Your unit becomes experts on these three specific questions, and you work with not only Mr. Dickman, but Mr. Bell and various attorneys to perfect your answers.”

Even though government is a lot of work, Spearman feels it’s worth it.

“Despite all the effort that must be put into the class during the dreaded time of ‘senioritis’, the class really comes together and supports one another, as a team should.”

Spearman continued to praise the class.

“I would definitely recommend taking AP Government because it is vital as a senior to understand the impact you will be able to make very soon in local and national elections.”

We The People is available to take senior year. It provides great insight on the government while being actively involved with challenging and deciphering the ideas of our ruling body.

New Coffee Shop Comes to Findlay

Last Wednesday, Findlay saw the opening of a Starbucks at the Kroger on Tiffin Avenue. Starbucks is a coffee shop so many people were excited to see it finally come to Findlay.

Kroger decided to bring in Starbucks since they were remodeling the inside of the store and wanted to replace the bank that was currently in there. The line for Starbucks since the opening of the store has been very long and people have been flooding to the store to get their cup of coffee.

“Once the construction is finished and the store has been renovated, I believe that Starbucks will help bring a lot more business to the Kroger on Tiffin,” Senior Scout Klousing said.

Starbucks could affect the business of other local coffee shops around Findlay.

“I think that for the first couple months local stores such as George House, and Coffee Amici will see a slight dip in revenue, but in the long run it won’t really affect them due to the fact that they are cheaper and have more of a, ‘sit down and study aspect to them’,” Scout said.

A major question about Starbucks is, was it wise inside of Kroger; or should they have their own building?
“I think that it was a smart choice for them to start off in Kroger to see what the market in Findlay is like, the downside is that people might forget about them and it’s also kind of weird to walk in to Kroger just to get a cup of coffee,” Scout said.

People in Findlay can now rejoice because have their very own Starbucks. The news has already spread of the shop and the line is out the door.

Literal Non-sense

To the people who spend their lives with their nose in a book and submerge themselves into different worlds time after time, the question may be somewhat of an insult; what is your favorite book that was turned into a movie? For some, watching the book come to life on a screen will never match the excitement of reading the book for yourself, rendering the question irrelevant and absurd. But in some very rare cases, the movie producers did a great job with following the plot of the book and not adding in extra or unnecessary events in the story.

To Junior Ivrae Huston, the best book that has been turned into a movie is called “Flipped” by Wendelin Van Draanen.

The story is about a stand-alone teen romance in a he-said she-said style with the two protagonists alternately presenting their perspective on a shared set of events. The book was later turned into a movie and released in 2010.

“It follows the plot exactly and they somehow managed to take a 200 paged book and turning it into almost a 2-hour movie without adding in any extra unnecessary things to the plot,” Huston said.

Huston said that she favored the movie over the book.

“They did an excellent job of taking the story and making it come to life and letting you see everything you saw in your head before your eyes.”

If you’re looking for a good read and a non-disappointing representation of that story through the excitement of cinema, try looking into Flipped and maybe, just maybe, we can put the rumor to rest that movies are never as good as the books.

The year of new music

2016 is the year artists such as Ed Sheeran and One Direction have decided to take a hiatus. Over the course of the next 18-24 months, without the hype of new One Direction music, other artists will have a chance to steal the spotlight. Some students are taking the absence of One Direction rather hard.

“I hate it. Really hate it. It makes me upset,” sophomore, Carsen Weaver said.

“I feel fine with it,” sophomore Drew Kibble showed no emotion while talking about the topic.

On the contrary, juniors Alley Spargo and Macie Bowling feel the same way as Weaver.

“It makes me sad, truly,” Bowling said.

“Why? I don’t know why it was necessary,” Spargo stated.

The juniors agreed they would both still listen to One Direction while awaiting their return. Weaver, on the other hand, said she’d be listening to Justin Bieber, Adele, and 5 Seconds of Summer.
Of course, other artists will become more popular throughout the year. Some that are well known, and others that will make their debut. A few artists which artists? had climbed the charts in 2015 and their fans are expecting more from them this year. When asked who they’re looking out for this year, here is how some FHS students responded.

“Justin Bieber because he’s changing his music style,” freshman Izzy Zalat said.

“Justin Bieber because he finally got his stuff together and he has a good voice,” Weaver said. “He’s working on his next album even though he just released one.” she went on, referencing Purpose, which was released November 13, 2015. “He changed his sound a bit to fit people’s standards more and became likeable,” Weaver concluded.

“Halsey,” Freshmen Maddie Kreinbrink and Breann Bolen concurred. “I like her music. She’s making a lot of new music,” Kreinbrink said. Halsey released her first album, Badlands, in August of last year. She was also featured on Bieber’s album in the song “The Feeling”.

“G-Eazy.” sophomore Gabby Gonzalez said.

“He writes good songs and he’s a good rapper,” Gonzalez said. She also informed that she’s pretty sure he’s working on new music.

So if you’re a One Direction fan, or just a fan of music in general, and need some new song suggestions, these are some artists that students of Findlay High School recommend this year. This list includes artists who have changed their styles to please others or who have been climbing the charts just recently, causing their fame to grow. 2016 will be an eventful year in the music industry.