Jamie Lawson Hits the Mainstream


Jamie Lawson is definitely one to watch on music’s upcoming horizon. He was recently signed to Gingerbread Man Records, the label created by British pop-star Ed Sheeran. He is also currently opening for One Direction on the On The Road Again tour.  Lawson’s song Wasn’t Expecting That got major air time on the radio in Ireland, as Lawson is from Plymouth, England, and then became wildly popular in the United States. It is now playing on radio stations across our nation. Lawson’s first performance in the U.S. was on The Ellen Show.

According to MTV music, Ed Sheeran grabbed Lawson at the first chance he got and put him as the first signee to his label. “Why hasn’t anyone signed him? Well, I know who I’m going to sign, and it’s Jamie,” Sheeran said.

Everyone should really look out for Jamie Lawson and his folksy, soulful sound. He’s already signed by Ed Sheeran, so he must be pretty cool. Sheeran also stated that it was the only song that made him cry the first time he heard it. That’s pretty impressive.

So Ben, Where’s the Football?

In honor of the 50th super-bowl, the National Football League is using theme of gold. NFL Stadiums across the country have a golden 50-yard line marker, team logos have golden trim on fan merchandise, and the pro bowl uniforms will have a gold trim on them.

The biggest thing though is that the NFL will be giving away a golden football to every high school in the country that has produced a player or coach that has appeared in a Super Bowl. Each player will personally deliver their football to the high school they attended and played for.

Peyton and Eli Manning, Aaron Rodger, and many other players have already delivered their footballs. Findlay High School has produced a super bowl player, Ben Roethlisberger. FHS has yet to receive a golden football, and people are starting to wonder, “Ben, where’s the football?”

A reason we might not still have the football is for what happened back in 2012. Back in 2012 Ben was being sued for alleged rape charges from in 2008. The Courier around this time also posted a story about Ben. In the story, friends, coaches and teammates said how he never treated women that well even back in high school.         After Ben read this story he was angry with Findlay and he even came out and said that he didn’t live in Findlay but in Cory Rawson, which isn’t even a real town.

Roethlisberger has not said anything about whom he will be giving the football to. With still some time yet before super bowl 50 arrives, there is still time for him to make a choice.

The Royals are Baseball’s King

This year’s baseball postseason featured many teams that have not seen the playoffs for several years including: the Chicago Cubs, New York Mets, Toronto Blue Jays, Houston Astros and surprisingly, the New York Yankees.

In the American League Divisional Series, the Kansas City Royals defeated the Astros 3-2 to move on to the American League Championship Series against the Blue Jays who beat the Rangers. The Royals went on to defeat the Blue Jays 4-2 to move onto the World Series. On the national league side, the Mets beat the Los Angeles Dodgers 3-2 to play against Cubs in the National League Championship Series who had beat the St. Louis Cardinals. The Mets went on to sweep the Cubs to move on to the World Series.

The Royals went to the World Series last year but lost in game seven to the San Francisco Giants. The Mets haven’t been to the World Series since 2000 when they lost to the Yankees 4 games to 1. The Royals in the 2015 World Series had home field advantage due to the American League winning the All-Star in July.

In game one at Kauffman Stadium in Kansas City the Royals sent Edinson Volquez to the mound against Matt Harvey. The game started poorly for the Mets with Harvey giving up an inside-the-park home run on the first pitch of the game to Alcides Escobar. In the 4th inning Travis d’Arnaud’s infield single drove in Daniel Murphy for a run. The next inning right fielder Curtis Granderson hit a home run putting the score at 2-1. In the top of the 8th, Wilmer Flores was safe at first on an error by Hosmer allowing Juan Lagares to score. Heading into the bottom of the 9th, the score was 4-3 in the Mets favor but that would change when left fielder Alex Gordon homered and tied the game at 4-4 sending the game into extra innings. In the bottom of the 14th inning, the game ended when Hosmer hit a sacrifice fly allowing Escobar to score the game winning run for the Royals. The Royals won 5-4.

For game 2 in Kansas City the Royals sent Johnny Cueto to the mound against Jacob deGrom of the Mets. The Mets scored first when in the 4th inning, Lucas Duda singled to left and Daniel Murphy scored, this would be the Mets only run. From that point on it was the Royals game. In the 5th inning 3 singles by Escobar, Hosmer and Moustakas drove in Gordon, Rios, Escobar and Hosmer respectively for 4 runs. In the 8th Alex Gordon doubled to left scoring Moustakas. The final score was 7-1 Royals.

After a day off the series moved to Citi Field in New York for the next 3 games. For their home game, the Mets sent rookie Noah Syndergaard against Yordano Ventura in game 3. Kansas City opened up the scoring in the top of the first when Ben Zobrist scored on a groundout by Hosmer. In the bottom of the first Mets third basemen David Wright homered driving in Granderson. In the second inning Perez scored on a line drive single by Alex Rios later in the inning Rios scored on a passed ball by d’Arnaud.  In the 6th singles by Juan Uribe and David Wright scored Lagares, Flores and Uribe, Granderson also scored on a sacrifice fly by Cespedes. The final score was 9-3 and this would be the only game the Mets would win.

For game 4 the pitchers were the Mets’ Steven Matz against Chris Young. In the 3rd inning Conforto homered. Later in the inning Flores scored on a sacrifice fly by Granderson. In the top of the 5th Gordon singled in Perez putting the royals on the board. In the bottom of the 5th Conforto homered again putting the Mets up 3-1 In the 6th Cain singled in Zobrist. In the 8th inning Hosmer reached on an error by Daniel Murphy allowing Zobrist to score, Moustakas singled in Cain and Hosmer scored on Perez’s single. The final score was 5-3 royals.

For game 5 the pitchers again were Matt Harvey and Edinson Volquez. The Mets got on the board first with Granderson’s home run to right-center field in the 1st inning. The Mets scored again in the 6th inning when Duda hit a sacrifice fly allowing Granderson to score. In the top of the 9th everything fell apart for the Mets; Hosmer doubled scoring Cain and Perez grounded out to David Wright scoring Hosmer. The game went on to extra innings and in the top of the 12th the Royals scored five runs. The Mets were unable to counter and the Royals won the game 7-2 and World Series 4 games to 1. This was the first time the Royals have won the World Series since 1985.

To wrap up the World Series festivities a parade was held in Kansas City to celebrate their victory. The parade drew an estimated 800,000 people which is almost twice the size of the city’s population of 470,000. School was also cancelled for area kids as they were allowed to join in the festivities of the Royals big win.

Made in the A.M. Review


“It’s inevitable that everything good comes to an end,” sings Liam Payne  on “Love You Goodbye,” a wistful song from the One Direction’s fifth album, “Made In The A.M.”

The tune is about a romance’s demise but the quartet, this is their first album since former band member Zayn Malik’s departure back in March of this year. Niall, Liam, Louis and Harry are still going strong as every. Since their first album ,2012’s “Up All Night”, the band has gone non stop putting out chart topping albums, reliably delivered every November, to sold – out stadium tours with little down time in-between.

“Hey Angel” kicks the album out like most of One Direction’s previous albums. It is a loud opener,that certainly grabs the listener’s attention. “Drag Me Down” and “Perfect” were already released as singles earlier this year. And while the “Drag Me Down” music video was kind of fun the “Perfect” music video gives masterful sketch of the boys outside of music. “Infinity” was released to fans earlier before as well.

“End of the Day” is such a fun, and energetic song mostly because of the switch in sound between the verse and chorus; but in the end it’ll have you banging your fists just in time with it and singing the chorus. “If I Could Fly”, is a emotional/vulnerable song is written so well by Harry Styles. The emotion coming from the boys’ voice will have you in tears. “Long Way Down” has a quick series of notes very similar to Train’s “Drop of Jupiter”.

“Never Enough” is like “Act My Age” of this album. The song has a funky sound that will make you singing and dancing in the mirror while no one’s watching. Too much never really enough when it comes to this song. “Olivia” has been a huge favorite of the album, written by Harry Styles. Imagination and play on words only Styles would think of as sneaky. (Olivia = I love you) , very sneaky Harry.

“Love You Goodbye” and “I Want To Write You A Song” are somewhat similar as they are both filled with so passion like the others. “Love You Goodbye” is like the end of a wild relationship where you fell so fast and hard but you both are waking up now, and “I Want To Write You A Song” is the only song on the album that did not have one of the boys’ working on it.

One Direction’s other songs “Temporary Fix”, “Walking In The Wind”, “Wolves”, and “A.M.” are perfect they bring the album to an end.  “Made In The A.M.” is understandably One Direction’s best album. The boys in the band have grown in their five years together and it shows in every song on the album. “Made In The A.M.” is an ending and a goodbye or some sorts, but it’s certainly not the end.

A case for less conventional higher education

College has become a highly competitive environment in terms of admission. We all are aware of the kids striving to be doctors, lawyers, and engineers who battle to get into Ivy leagues and other prestigious universities. It’s on a rare occasion that we acknowledge the struggles of those kids striving to study fine arts, design, or film.

The job market for creative careers is highly competitive. Employers seek out the best of the best in their craft and prefer those who have studied at an accredited and respected university. In order to gain acceptance into one of these high ranked art and design schools, potential students must not only show excellence in their academic work, but also display abundant creative potential.

Most art and design schools require students to submit a portfolio showcasing artistic works in addition to standardized test scores and transcripts. The admission decision is so heavily weighted on the committee’s opinion of the work presented in a student’s formal portfolio. Potential applicants devote tremendous time and effort into compiling an admission worthy portfolio.

Their is a broad spectrum of artistic studies ranging from video game design to fine arts. Some of the top schools in the nation include Parsons The New School for Design, The Pratt Institute, The Rhode Island School of Design, The Savannah College of Art and Design, The Columbus College of Art and Design, and The Maryland College of Art and Design. Most of these schools require students to complete foundation studies in art history, basic design, and color theory to give them a strong background in the arts before progressing into their major specific courses.

Once accepted into a high level design or art school, the actual courses of study are extremely rigorous. Although often times the classes aren’t what one would traditionally expect, they are challenging to students and require serious time commitments and devotion. Many people often overlook the talent and hard work that go into studying majors of this nature.

Turkeys aren’t the only ones flying this Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time of year when people from all over the country join together with friends and family for a time of thankfulness and food. For most reuniting with relatives requires traveling for the holiday, whether it’s just traveling across town, another city, or booking a flight half-way across the country.

The most common assumption is that Christmas is the most traveled holiday, however that is incorrect. During the Thanksgiving travel period, the number of long distance trips, a destination 50 miles or more away, increases by 54 percent, which is 31 percent higher than the Christmas season, according to the United States Department of Transportation. The most common form of transportation to make these long distance travels is by car, at 91 percent. Transportation by use of planes is only a whopping 6 percent over the Thanksgiving season.

Blue and Gold ran a poll including 75 Findlay High School students to see travel patterns and percentages at our very own school. 60 percent of student travel to their family for

Thanksgiving and the other remaining 40 percent of students’ family travels to them. The majority of students who travel, at 75 percent, use cars as their transportation. While the other 25 percent travel by plane.

“My whole family flies to Maryland, Virginia to meet with my grandparents on Thanksgiving. Some of my relatives from Texas also meets us there. My family prefers flying because it’s quick and easy. The flight there only takes two hours.” Senior, Drake Heidepriem said.

Contrasting, Junior, Johnna Richter’s family prefers their long distance traveling to be done by car over the holiday season.

“Every year my intermediate family and I travel by car to Knoxville, Tennessee for Thanksgiving at my great aunt’s house. I love Thanksgiving because it’s one time of the year when I can see all my family.” Richter said.

For many like Richter, Thanksgiving is one of the few times that everyone in their family gets together.  However, not everyone believes the travel is necessary. It’s not about how far you go, it’s about where you call home.

“I spend Thanksgiving at home with my mom and every year she makes a great meal and its really small and quaint but I love it.” Senior, Jordan Sabo said.

While the majority of people may travel during Thanksgiving, at the end of the day it’s not where you’re at, but who you’re with. Thanksgiving may commercially be about traveling, but for most it’s just a time to enjoy what you have, whether you have to travel to them or not.

Fashion Frenzy

‘Tis the season for airing new shows. Everyone looks forward to a new season of their favorite show or a new series that has caught their eye. One new show for fashion lovers called Project Runway Junior. Project Runway has been a successful show, and now they are giving kids a chance to participate in the fun.

During this season of Project Runway Junior, a group of twelve diverse teens ages 13-17 from different places (two originating from Ohio) will show off their unique design aesthetic. In the first episode, they were greeted by host and model Hannah Davis and their mentor for the season Tim Gunn. They began by seeking inspiration, such as the New York City skyline. They are allowed to snap photos of the buildings or streets with their cell phones so they can have their inspiration near them at all times. Then, they were provided with sketch pads and spent some time planning out their detailed and complex designs for their garments. Once their time is up, mentor Tim Gunn told them that the next day they will begin to construct their garments.

The next day, they traveled to Mood Fabrics where they are given $200 to spend on fabrics of all different colors and materials. They were only given a short amount of time to find out the prices of the fabrics, how many yards of it they would like to purchase, and repeat until they have all they need. Once they were done shopping, they began constructing. Tim Gunn told them to be fearless, and they followed his advice by using velvet fabric, bright reds, pinks, and different textures. They were given varying amounts of time, depending on the day, to complete their look. They must make sure it fits the model. If it doesn’t they must tear apart what doesn’t fit and start over.

Once the designers are completely finished, they present their pieces to the judges, fashion designer Christian Siriano, Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazine writer Aya Kinai, and Fashion Police’s Kelly Osbourne. After the models strut down the runway, the judges critique each design. The best designers will be safe, but the bottom designer must pack their bags and return home.

This repeats each week until a champion is crowned. The winner will receive $25,000, a full ride to Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, a feature in Seventeen magazine, and their very own home studio. Project Runway Junior air on Lifetime each Thursday night at 9:00.

Starbucks cups are brewing up controversy

Last week Starbucks introduced their 2015 holiday cup design; a simple red cup. To most, the design seems simple, but a surprising amount of people see this red cup as a hate crime against Christianity.

In past years, Starbucks has introduced holiday cups with snowmen, snowflakes, and similar patterns. This year, the cups have been made a simple red.

When asked about the meaning behind the design of the plain cups, Jeffrey Fields, Starbucks’ vice president of Design and Content said, “This year we wanted to usher in the holidays with a purity of design that welcomes all of our stories…we are embracing the simplicity and quietness of it.”

After the announcement of the new cups, some Christians immediately lashed out, saying that Starbucks was trying to discriminate against Christianity. Many people used Twitter to send their message to Starbucks, tweeting the large company that they were upset. Some have even started telling the Starbucks baristas that their names are “Merry Christmas!” so they are forced to write a very Christmas-related phrase on the cup.

Although Starbucks did simplify the winter cups in order to be more religiously diverse, one could easily argue that the past designs of snowflakes and other generally wintery things are not specifically Christian either, so there is no real reason for certain Christians to be angry now. It is also quite odd that Starbucks made a statement about how different the red cups are, since in reality they are not a bold statement or amazing new breakthrough.

Whether you are angry about the red cups or not, it’s safe to say that everybody should put down their torches and pitchforks and try to enjoy the holiday season instead of arguing about coffee cups.

The city of light darkens

This past Friday, the world experienced a true tragedy. Paris, France was the victim of several attacks of terrorism late Friday night. The venues that were attacked included a concert hall, the street by the Stade de France, a bar, and a restaurant.

The Bataclan concert hall was the most gruesome and deadliest of the sites due to the death of eighty nine people. The gunmen had taken hostages and moved them to the front of the stage, which is where most of the bodies were found later on that night.

Lucky, people were able to escape before they were trapped in the building. Others were stuck in various rooms in the building where they remained for several hours, only to have to hear the horrors that laid beyond the door.

At the nearby location of Stade de France President Francois Hollande was watching the soccer game; cheering his nation on against Germany. When the first suicide bomb went off the audience heard it clearly. The president was rushed from the stadium and into safety while the game continued.

Only half an hour away from the Stade de France were the sites of three suicide bombings. The gunmen all had suicide bombs attached to their belts which they used when militia closed in on them. Six out of the seven gunmen used their devices while the seventh was shot down by police.

The following day Parisians gathered to mourn the losses of the victims. France now observes three days of mourning for the victims which was announced on the fifteenth. Thousands of flowers and candles lined the venues that were attacked as people paid their respects.

Photos taken of the mourning are heartbreaking to look at. There are many photos of people completely distraught as they stand there crying. Another photo depicts a rose stuck into a bullet hole at the La Belle Equipe restaurant.

Over hundreds of lives were changed the night of the Paris attacks and we can only hope that they will be able to move on and become a strengthened nation because of it.