14 Signs You’re Infected with Senioritis


1. Your outfits gradually stop being cute and you start looking more like a slightly homeless, between midlife crises, and legging addicted woman.
2. You rely strictly on your 47 minute study hall to get your 2 hours worth of homework done.
3. You care more about planning your senior spring break trip than planning an outline for your essay.

4. You experience short-term memory loss when it comes to remembering homework due dates.

5. It takes 3 alarms, 2 cups of coffee and your mom yelling “you’re going to be late” to get you out the door for school in the morning.

6. You spend most of your nights binge eating cookie dough, crying and worrying that you wont be accepted into college and you’ll be stuck in high school forever.

7. Lately, it seems like your hand has been super glued to the TV remote instead of a pencil to get your homework done.

8. Shaking it off whenever you get a bad grade because hey it’s senior year.  Then later crying about it two weeks later when you realize you have to apply to college with those grades.

9. Giving -20000% effort because you’ve already been accepted into college.

10. You slowly start unfollowing all the people you pity followed and secretly hate from your school on social media because you’re outta here in 4 months.

11. You stop trying to act like you’re paying attention in class and obviously text and take naps in the front row of class.

12. You no longer care what people think of you because you’re a senior and seniors rule and any underclassmen who tries to oppose you is toast by the international grade ranking of high school.

13. You procrastinate everything until it’s 1am the night before and you’re 3 bottles deep into 5-Hour Energy.

14. You look back and wonder if you made the most of your high school experience and then realize you don’t really care if you did or didn’t, you just want to leave.

2016 Elections Coming Near

As the 2016 political Presidential race is heating up, students and teachers have started to form their opinions on who they want to be the next president of the United States.

Physics teacher Tim Opp wants a conservative to win the election.

“I don’t want a liberal. They have caused the problems we have today.” Opp said.

Social Studies teacher Jim Rucki is still unsure about who he wants to win the election. But he is sure of one thing,

“I don’t want Hillary. I don’t trust her.” Rucki said.

Librarian Dawn Rose doesn’t think Donald Trump fits the bill for the presidency.

“I don’t want Donald Trump because he is obnoxious and I don’t what he is planning to do when he is president.” Rose said.

Head librarian Amanda Brasfeild wants Bernie Sanders to be the next president.

“He stands up for the poor, I would not want Trump because I disagree with his idea of building the wall so immigrants can no longer come in the U.S.” Brasfield said.

Senior Patrick “Pat” Breen is also pulling for Bernie Sanders.

“I would like Bernie be the next president because he is planning on cutting college tuition He has little net wealth and he is a supporter of gay rights.” Breen said.

People have different opinions on who they want to be the next President. It’ll be interesting to see which candidate comes out on top.

Trump Has Been Trumped

Many people have been following the presidential election trying to decide who they should vote for. One of the popular candidates is Donald Trump. The republican has a large support base, but many people have also been showing support for Ben Carson, another candidate in the running. Carson is very humble and has said society’s duty is to encourage kids to live up to their full potential instead of bringing them down. His ideals has caused Trump’s poll standings to fall.

Carson has a 24% support base while Trump is at 17% followed by Marco Rubio with 11%. Trump began September at 30% of the popular vote but by the end of the month it dove to 23%. This may be because Ben Carson has produced more concrete ideas and has seemed more trustworthy than Trump. Due to these ideals, Carson has risen from 16% at the end of September.

Donald Trump was confident that even though he has fallen 7% quickly, he will be able to get the votes back. Now, he’s not so sure. He said if his poll numbers fall and he has no chance to win the election, he may drop out. This may not be believable, but all the voters will have to wait and find out.

AC/DC: Rock or Bust


In April of this year, iconic rock band AC/DC set out on the road again with their Rock or Bust Tour. Before the group embarked on their twenty first tour, the group hit a bump when guitarist, Malcom Young, suffered a stroke. To fill the void, he was replaced by his nephew Stevie Young. In February, the band suffered another lost when drummer Phil Rudd was kicked out of the band due to legal issues in New Zealand. He was replaced by Chris Slade.


AC/DC kicked off their North American leg of the tour in August. There six stops in the U.S. included Foxborough, East Rutherford, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and Detroit.

Their set list was a mix of classic songs like, “You Shook Me All Night Long” and “Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap” and new songs of their Rock or Bust album including singles “Play Ball” and “Rock or Bust.”

Even though the band has been on tour for over 42 years, AC/DC still puts on a great show. Lead guitarist Angus Young still puts in 110% at every show making the crowd go wild when he gets on the ground, spinning in a circle while playing guitar even though he is 60 years old. Between the ringing of hell’s bells to the boom of cannons going off, you’re bound to have an experience that you will never forget. AC/DC, we salute you.

Amber Run

Photo courtesy: www.rock.de
Photo courtesy: www.rock.de

Artist: Amber Run

Album: Pilot

Why listen: The first EP from Amber Run is beautifully arranged with folk-style ballads and tight harmonies. The band from Nottingham, England amps up their modern style with an electronic piano sound, and their vocals have great reverberation, which gives the album a haunting, warm tone. The song I Found has become mildly popular based on its relatable lyrics and a calming aura. The band is very small as of this moment, but they are definitely a new group to watch. They have catchy lyrics and amazing instrumentals. However, if you are not a fan of ballads, this may not be the group for you to listen to. Overall, they make a very creative and uniquely musical sound that would appeal to many.

Rating: 4.5/5

Pantasia Under New Direction

One of the most unique performance groups at Findlay High School is Pantasia, a steel drum band started in 1997 by Tim Mattis. Since Mr. Mattis’ retirement, there has been a lot of speculation as to who would take over direction of the group. It turns out that Pantasia has not been taken over by one new director, but two; Mr. Daniel Wilson and Mrs. Denise Sheehe.

“I love music and I’ve worked with Shockwave and a group called Aftershock in previous years. I was looking to challenge myself and learn some new things.” Mrs. Sheehe said.

Despite her enthusiasm, many students know very little about her and her experience with music.

Mrs. Sheehe was an intern at Walt Disney World, working as a server, performer, and lifeguard in the happiest place on earth before graduating from the University of Findlay. She is currently a teacher at Chamberlin Hill.

“Seeing the students perform and the joy they get out of that is my favorite thing,” Sheehe said. “I love it when they get excited and are trying new things.”

Mr. Wilson, FHS and Donnell Middle School’s band director, is also taking part in Pantasia’s direction this year.

“Since I have responsibilities outside of school with middle school band activities as well as managing the high school band, having another director to help with the duties of the group is needed,” Mr. Wilson said. “My role for the group mostly is administrative, though I do help with rehearsals at times. I do all the building permits, financials, trip logistics and drive the truck. “

Although he focuses more on the technical side of the group, Mr. Wilson is still very excited about getting to know the students in Pantasia.

“When I directed The Boingers, one of the things I enjoyed the most were being able to interact with students outside the formal classroom setting and get to know them better,” Wilson said. “With 120 students in band at the high school and now that we are growing quickly at the middle schools, getting to know students one on one can be difficult at times. Pantasia’s relaxed setting and small group allows me to interact with students individually.”

The students in Pantasia are adjusting quite well to their new directors.

“At the end of last year, I was nervous about Mr. Wilson taking over but now that we are this far into the season, he’s actually pretty great.” Senior Jashan Singh said.

“Mrs. Sheehe’s a ball of energy. She gets all of us to smile and move along with the music.”

“I’m honestly shocked how much I love it,” Sheehe said.  “Seeing the students interact with each other and perform… I’ve fallen in love with it.”

Homecoming: Eat In or Out?

With homecoming only a few days away, final preparations are being made in a haste. Some students have had plans set in stone for months while others will wait until the night of the dance to figure out their plans. No matter what end of this spectrum you fall on, you’ll have to figure out what to do about your meal plans. Should you indulge in an elegant meal out and fight the crowds? Or should you play it safe and enjoy a home cooked meal? To help you figure out which is the better option for you, consider the pros and cons of going out to eat and cooking at home.

Going out to eat is arguably the most popular option among homecoming groups. Depending on where you go, a restaurant can be less expensive than buying ingredients to make a meal yourself. Eating out can be less stressful since you aren’t worried about making the food.

On the down side, restaurants are bound to be packed on the night of homecoming, since the majority of students go out. If you are planning to go out with a large group of friends for homecoming, keep in mind that smaller restaurants may have difficulty finding you a table.

The less popular option for homecoming dinner is eating in with your friends. This is more controllable since you won’t have to wait in line and you’ll know how many of your friends can fit in your dining room. A tip for eating at home is to have a pot luck. Then all of the stress of making a good meal isn’t placed on one person.

Making food at home can be more stressful since you have to actually make the food, which can be difficult and frustrating. It can also cost you a lot more money to buy all the ingredients you may need to make your meal.

Whether you decide to eat in or out before homecoming, the most important thing is that you’re having great food surrounded by good people.

Hulu Vs. Netflix

Netflix has been top dog, taking out the likes of Hollywood video and in most cases, tons of Blockbuster’s stand-alone stores. What had first started out as a DVD-by-mail program, but then quickly evolved into the ability to stream movies and shows, which is what many take advantage of now.

  • Netflix has no commercials or ads are displayed
  • There is no annual commitment.
  • Subscribers have access to a massive catalog of films and TV shows available instantly.
  • The service is available throughout North and South America and 40 countries.
  • Customers have the option to add a separate DVD subscription.

In 2007 Hulu jumped into the scene, starting competition for Netflix. Hulu started as a free online video service that offered a selection of hit shows, movies and many more. Recently Hulu became Hulu Plus that offers more content over the free version.

  • Hulu Plus offers premium subscribers 42,000 episodes of 1,600 TV shows.
  • Many TV shows are available online the day after the premiere.
  • Commercials, ads, and surveys are included in most paid programming.
  • Hulu Plus content is only available to Internet customers in the United States and Japan.

Winner? It’s for you to decide. Both are so easy to operate. Sign up online, create an account and your ready to start watching your favorite movies and TV shows. Plans are starting a $7.99 a month after your free trial!

Youtheatre Presents: Grease

Hot-Rod Danny Zuko and the sweet new girl in town, Sandy Dumbrowski had a secret romance in summer, but now that they’re back in school, peer-pressure and cliques make things a bit more complicated.

This year, Youtheatre is putting on a production of Grease. Directed by Harry Stockton and Zach Thomas, this musical features songs such as “Summer Nights”, “Greased Lightnin”, and “We Go Together.” Youtheatre’s Grease is bound to be a hit.

The cast features some of FHS’s own students including:

Landon Bott, Gabbi Calvert, Cord Elliott, Megan Elliott, Kaitlyn Fillhart, Lena Kennedy, Blake Maloney, Reagan Maloney, Carly Powell, Andrew Pueschel, Courtney Rinesmith, and Isabel Wolke

Showtimes are at 7pm Friday, October 16, 7pm Saturday, October 17 and 2pm Sunday, October 18 at First Presbyterian Church. Tickets can be purchased at the Arts Partnership Building on Main Street or online at artspartnership.com. Tickets are $12 for Adults and $8 for Seniors/Students.