Patriots and Colts, Seahawks and Packers to face off in finals

The American Football Conference final should be an interesting game. The New England Patriots’ record this year is currently 12-4 whereas the Indianapolis Colts currently have a record of 11-5. Score wise, it looks like the Patriots may end up winning, but it could
beeither team’s game.

Tom Brady  is representing the Patriots this Sunday and Andrew Luck is representing the Colts. This will be Luck’s first appearance in the AFC championship, but Brady has played in the AFC before, so there may be somewhat of an advantage for Brady. There also might be a better chance for the Patriots record wise considering they have beat the Colts the last three times they’ve played them with an average score of 48-22.

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The National Football Conference final should also be an interesting game to watch. The Seattle Seahawks’ record is currently at 12-4, the same as the Patriots’ and, ironically, the Green Bay Packers’ (the Seahawk’s opponent). Marshawn Lynch, a Seahawks running back, has had a very strong season. If he finds his rhythm early, Green Bay will have a hard time stopping Lynch, a problem the Packers have struggled with before. Rodgers, representing the Packers, had a torn calf muscle and has been seen limping this season during some of his games. This may be an advantage for the Seahawks and could possibly win them the game.

Tune in this Sunday to watch the AFC and NFC championship finals.

Controversial film The Interview is a must-see

Title: The Interview

Starring: Seth Rogen, James Franco and Randall Park

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Plot: The Interview is about Dave Skylark (James Franco) who hosts a popular tabloid-TV show called “Skylark Tonight”. After struggling with the idea of not being a professional producer Aaron Rapoport (Seth Rogen) asks Dave to cover actual news. Skylark comes up with the idea of interviewing Kim Jong Un (Randall Park). Aaron then contacts North Korea’s embassy. A few nights later Aaron is contacted by Kim Jong Un’s right hand man, a meeting is set up between Rogen’s character and North Korean officials. As Dave and Aaron prepare to go to North Korea, the CIA steps in to get them to assassinate Kim Jong Un.

Why see it: The Interview is a must see. With the awkward to the ridiculous moments, Rogen and Franco will have you laughing, cringing and feeling uncomfortable, from the beginning to the end.


Rating: ★★★